Bohra Industries Ltd.
Makes Fertilizers for Agriculture
Environment Clearance recd. from MOEF
Company is engaged in manufacturing SSP and GSSP with installed capacity of 198000 MT per annum and 100000MT per annum respectively. MOEF, Govt of India has given further clearance for 8 new products of Red category and allowed expansion in SSP which will expand the production capacity to 330000 MT.

S.No. Product TPD Capacity in TPD
1. Powder Single Super Phosphate (SSP/NPK) 1000
2. Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) 150
3. Granulated single super Phosphate 300
4. Synthetic Gypsum 550
5. Di-Calcium Phosphate 30
6. Phosphoric Acid 160
7. Potassium Flouride 0.3
8. Sulphuric Acid 150
9. Sodium  Tri Polyphosphate 0.3