Bohra Industries Ltd.
Makes Fertilizers for Agriculture
Quality Control
The fertilizer industry is subjected to complete quality control by the Fertilizer Control Order, 1985 issued under Essential Commodities Act 1955 which regulates and monitors the quality of fertilizer mixtures, packing, marking on the fertilizer bags and setting up of quality control laboratories. We adhere to quality standards as prescribed by Fertilizer Control Order and our Company is dedicated towards maintaining the quality of our products, processes and inputs which have been consistently verified and certified as quality products by the Agricultural Commissionorate, Rajasthan, Jaipur. All products that leave our factory premise are inspected by our quality control laboratory. Further, a quality check is done at every stage of manufacturing to ensure adherence to desired specifications. The raw materials and the finished products are subjected to various physical and chemical tests to show that they meet the required specifications. Some of the characteristics that are tested include moisture test, P2O5 content test for raw materials and free acidity test. Various other tests are also performed, depending on the specific nature of the fertilizer composition.